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Jobs for Low Time Pilots now offers professional Resume Help from our partners at Resume Squirrel. Their team is… “Absolutely NUTS about resumes!” and has over 20 years of experience reviewing, editing and writing professional resumes and cover letters for pilots just like you. 

Studies have proven that you are 3 times more likely to get hired when you have a professionally written resume as opposed to writing it yourself. As you may already know, seniority is very important in Flight Departments, so you definitely want to get hired as fast as possible and having a proper resume and cover letter will help guarantee that will happen.  

Most resumes never get read because they are missing keywords, but not if it was written by Resume Squirrel! It will be keyword optimized for Applicant Tracking Systems and Resume Scanning Software, making sure that your resume is found amongst the thousands that HR Departments receive.  

Your resume will be designed and formatted for the aviation industry and will get noticed by Chief Pilots and Hiring Managers. You will get to work one-on-one with a professional resume writer who will help you through the process to guarantee that you are happy with the results.

Our friends at Resume Squirrel can also write your cover letter for you. HR personnel are 2X more likely to read a resume that has a cover letter, so you should definitely have one! When your cover letter and resume are complete, it will be an attractive one page design that is internet friendly and sent to you in PDF and/or MS Word file format. 

Your resume will also be added to our affiliate website and searchable by Flight Department Hiring Managers. Resume Squirrel has helped pilots around the world just like you get hired into their dream flying job... Let them help you today! 

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