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Caravan Jump Pilot

Jumptown Skydiving, Orange, MA

Position Details

Jumptown Skydiving in Orange, MA has an immediate opening for a Caravan jump pilot.

The airplane is a Texas Turbine SuperVan, and we jump 7 days a week. We’re looking for someone to start as early as Monday, September 4, and this position could turn into a long-term contract as we are also looking for someone for the 2024 season (April through October). On-site accommodations are available as well.

Requirements: 1000 TT, 25 in type
Compensation: $250 per day if we open, $25 per load after 10 loads
Contact: Send resume/CV or questions to manager@jumptown.com 

PC-12 First Officer

Mokulele Airlines

Position Details

First Officer - PC-12
This position is based in HHR, Hawthorne, California, or MKL, Jackson, Tennessee.
Our route structure enables most pilots to be home every day during their workweek, along with flexibility on schedules.
• Current FAA ATP or Commercial with Instrument.
• 500 hours minimum; 100 Cross Country, 25 of which are night.
• Current FAA first class medical certificate (certificate must be current prior to training)
• Radio Operators Certificate
• Valid US Passport (Needed for CASS)
• Must be available and flexible to work variable shifts including weekends and holidays.
• Must be authorized to work in the U.S per the Immigration Act of 1986.
• Must pass 10-year background check and pre-employment drug screen per airline and/or company regulations.
Additional stipulations:
• 65 Block Hours per month guarantee.
• Hotel accommodations during training. Training is approximately 25 days.
• 12-Month $17,500 Training Contract required.
• Paid training.
• Medical, Vision, and Dental insurance available with the company paying most of the costs. Life Insurance Policy - $50,000 fully paid for by the company.
• $35 flat rate per diem when on an overnight away from assigned base.
• CASS Participant.

Commercially Rated Pilots

Optic Air, USA

Position Details

Optic Air (U.S.) is hiring commercially rated pilots for our fleet of Piper Aztec and Cessna 172 aircraft. We are an aerial survey company flying projects throughout the United States and Canada. Most of our hiring takes place in August with class dates beginning in October. We may have an immediate need for summer work. Get a jump start and be the first in line for the fall, apply now.

Please note – all pilot positions require long periods away from home with a minimum one-year commitment. If you are serious about this type of a commitment, we invite you to visit the pilot employment page on our website.

B1900/C212 First Officer

Nome, AK

Position Details

B1900/C212 First Officer

500TT, Commercial License

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Full Time Pilot 

San Marcos, TX

Position Details

This role shall serve as EMB-120 Second in Command (SIC) on Berry Aviation on-demand cargo flights requiring two pilot crewmembers and should be prepared to assume the duties of the Pilot in Command (PIC) should the PIC become incapacitated. First Officers shall be directly responsible to the PIC assigned to the flight on which they serve.

Total Compensation:

$70,000 - $90,000 / year

List of Duties

Reports directly to the assigned Pilot in Command during flight operations
Carry out duties as assigned by the Pilot in Command during flight operations
Monitor and assist in passenger and cargo loading and ensure cargo and support equipment is airworthy and secured in accordance with company policies and procedures
TSA procedures in accordance with company Twelve-Five Standard Security Program
Prepare Weight and Balance in accordance with company procedures
Review and prepare aircraft performance calculations in accordance with company procedures
Receive local weather and ATC clearance to prepare the cockpit in accordance with standard operating procedures
Assist the Pilot in Command with flying of the aircraft by either providing a support role or actual hands on flying, as directed by the Pilot in Command
Remain on call during assigned period and must have the ability to arrive at the assigned aircraft within 60 minutes
Must successfully complete all company initial and recurrent training and testing as directed by the training department
Other duties as assigned



FAA Commercial Pilot with Multi Engine Instrument privileges
500 Hours Total Flight Time in Airplanes
25 Hours Multi Engine Flight Time in Airplanes
Current US Passport with at least 6 months remaining at all times during employment period
Current FAA First Class Medical
Must hold or be able to obtain a current and valid FCC Restricted Radiotelephone Operator Permit (RR)
Must be authorized to work in the United States
Strong interpersonal, written, and verbal communication skills
Relocation to within 30 minutes of domicile is required
Ability to travel away from domicile for long periods of time
High School Diploma


FAA Multi Engine Airline Transport Pilot Certificate
1000 Hours Total Flight Time in Airplanes
100 Hours Multi Engine Flight time in Airplanes
Undergraduate Degree

Physical requirements of the job:

Ability to work in confined spaces
Ability to manipulate, push, pull, and lift heavy objects in excess of 50 lbs.
Must be able to reach and stretch across objects and twist within confined spaces
Ability to work in extreme temperatures, including cold and heat
Ability to work in altitudes higher than sea level 

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Aerial Survey First Officer

Bridgewater, VA

Position Details

 We are currently looking for First Officers to travel extensively, provide safe and professional short notice, on-demand, aerial surveying operations in Beechcraft King Air 90 or King Air 200 aircraft. Hear from a few of our pilots and learn more about the mission here.

Company Compensation and Perks:

Pay (hourly), estimated yearly earnings ~ $40,000 - $45,000
Full time position
Company paid airline, hotel, rental car and per diem (when on project)
Company paid training with no backlog
Comprehensive Benefits offered
Medical, Dental, Vision
Life Insurance, Long-Term and Short-Term Disability
Employee Assistance Program
401(k) with Company Match
Paid Time Off (PTO)
Company Wellness Program
Relocation Assistance

Job Responsibilities:

Perform all duties and responsibilities of the second in command (SIC)
Be familiar with destination, alternate airports, actual and forecasted meteorological conditions, fuel and oil requirements, navigation and radio aids, and applicable NOTAMs
Ensure completion of pre- and post-flight inspection of the aircraft before and after each mission according to company procedures
Serve a variety of customers from government to commercial agencies. Collaborate with the customer to plan efficient survey operations to maximize mission data collection.
Communicate effectively and routinely with customer, system operations center, and manager. Ensure manager is informed of the customer, aircraft, weather, or other potential issues that may compromise mission accomplishment. Customer communication includes crew rotation plans, crew rest, maintenance requirements, and weather outlook considerations.

Job Requirements:

FAA Commercial multi-engine pilot certificate with instrument rating
Second class medical
Minimum of 500 hours total time
Relocate to Bridgewater, Virginia
High school diploma required, with relevant college degree preferred
Travel extensively, schedule is roughly 35-40 days on the road at a time with 5-10 days off 

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Pipeline Patrol Pilot

American Patrols - Midland, TX.

Position Details

We are looking for a high-achieving pilot to join our team. Must enjoy low-level, VFR flying, have at least 400 hours of total time, and immediate availability.

Our pilots enjoy a fun and challenging job, have 12 days off per month, and fly consistently.
Requirements: Minimum of 400 Hours Total Time, Commercial Single-engine Land, Instrument Rating, Previous Commercial Pilot Experience Preferred, CFI Highly Preferred.

Must Be Current and Proficient in a Cessna 172.

Comfortable in High Winds and Small Runways Safety Oriented Attitude Impeccable Stick and Rudder Skills, High Level of Situational Awareness

FIFTEEN MONTH CONTRACT REQUIRED, with completion bonus. We are looking for unwavering COMMITMENT.

We will help you get the hours you need to progress to the next step in your career. You have to be committed mentally for a year. The rest of our team is counting on YOU.

Starting pay is $23.00/hr. With the flight time our pilots get, that's equivalent to over $30,000 per year. 50% employer covered Health Insurance for employee provided.

American Patrols, Inc. is looking to hire exceptional and dedicated personnel. A career with us offers you some of the most challenging and rewarding flying of your life.

You will be able to build your flight time and your skills while patrolling the growing oil fields of West Texas and Southeast New Mexico in a Cessna 172.

Affordable housing is available via corporate apartment. Will have own room.

Mesa Pilot Development

Mesa Air Group - Ocala, FL

Position Details

Job Description

1. Hold a Federal Aviation Administration (“FAA”) Commercial Pilot Certificate with airplane multi-engine Land and airplane single engine Land, and Instrument Airplane ratings;

2. Hold a current FAA First Class Medical Certificate; 25 Hours of Multi Time

3. If aircraft is available - fly a minimum of 144 hours per month; a) MPD Pilot must transition to employment with Mesa (by beginning and attending flight training at Mesa) within thirty (30) days of reaching 1,500 hours of total flight time, or the required flight time for ATP and R-ATP pathways(whichever comes first); b) MPD Pilot must transition to employment with Mesa (by beginning and attending flight training at Mesa) within sixteen (16) months from the date of this Agreement; c) MPD Pilot must meet all FAA requirements to hold an FAA R-ATP or ATP;

4. MPD Pilot must hold a valid passport;

5. MPD Pilot must meet all Company minimum requirements to be a First Officer pilot (these requirements may be updated from time to time at the Company’s sole discretion); and a) MPD Pilot must meet all standard Company pilot new hire screenings to the Company’s satisfaction including but not limited to: criminal history background. Requirements • Commercial Pilot Certificate with Multi Engine and Instrument ratings • Current FAA First Class Medical Certificate • Ability to demonstrate instrument proficiency • ATP Written (CTP training can be provided to qualified applicants) • FCC Restricted Radiotelephone Operator Permit • Current Valid Passport • At least 19 years of age • Legally authorized to work in the U.S. • Able to pass security background check and FAA mandated drug test • High school diploma or GED

• Ability to read and speak English language • Ability to relocate for up to 18 months

For more information and to apply below.

PC-12 First Officer

Boutique Air - Any Base

Position Details

Boutique Air is hiring Captains and First Officers to fly the PC-12 throughout the country. The PC-12 is operated in the executive and commuter configuration to accommodate scheduled airline service operations throughout the United States.

The Professional Difference:
Boutique Air operations utilize a two crew operation hinged on Crew Resource Management (CRM) and standardization. Our crew concept is modeled after the industry standards utilizing checklists, call outs, flows, and Standard Operating Practices (SOP's). We have a Flight Standards Manual that covers every aspect of our flight operation. Safety is our number one priority!

Training Pay: We now pay full pay for all pilots from the very first day of ground school!

Pilots: Over 100+ pilots and counting.

Pilot Domiciles: Baltimore (KBWI), Denver (KDEN), Dallas Fort Worth (KDFW), Oakland (KOAK), Portland (KPDX).

Open Time/Trip Trade: All pilots have access to system wide open time. This means you can pick up flying in advance that is unassigned to another pilot. Boutique Air also allows for pilots to trip trade.

CASS/Jumpseat (Cockpit Access Security System): Boutique Air participates in CASS and MyIDTravel at no cost to the pilot. Southwest Airlines, American Airlines, United Airlines, Spirit Airlines, and Frontier are among some of our reciprocal agreements. We grow the jumpseat program every month.

Pay Scale:
PC-12 First Officer Base Rate Hourly Monthly Guarantee Yearly Guarantee Amount $33.33/hour, 75 hours/month, $30,000.00/year.

Boutique Air is seeking qualified and motivated SIC candidates for the Pilatus PC-12!
Boutique Air has been conducting charter operations under Part 135 since 2009 and added Essential Air Service operations in 2014. This allows our crews to fly into all different kinds of airports in all different climates and levels of service, making our pilots some of the best trained and most versatile in the industry. We have pilots domiciled in DFW, BWI, PDX, and OAK.
Currently we assign domiciles based on seniority during the first week of ground school.
Our route structure enables most pilots to be home every day during their workweek, and flexibility with their schedules.

If you have 1200+ hours, please apply as Captain.
SIC Requirements:
• Commercial pilot certificate with instrument rating
• First Class Medical
• 500 - 1,100 hours total time depending on need
• 100 hours Point-to-Point Cross Country time
• 25 hours Night Point-to-Point Cross Country time
SIC Preferred Experience:
• 6 months employment experience as a pilot
• 50 hours turbine And 75 hours instrument
SIC Compensation:
• $33.33/flight hour with 75 hour/month guarantee ($30,000/year)
• Health Insurance
• $30/rest period per diem after first rest period away from base
We look forward to having you join the team!

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PC-12 First Officers

PlaneSense - All U.S. Bases

Position Details

Pilot the legendary Pilatus PC-12!
We look for aviation professionals with strong work ethic and exceptional skills that adapt well to the ever changing environment that fractional flight operations demands. Crews provide a full range of owner-focused support, from safe operation of the aircraft to hands-on customer service, while maintaining the highest standards of professionalism. First Officers are official PlaneSense, Inc. employees as of their first day of Initial Ground School.

First Officers work an 8 on duty/6 off schedule with an operating area including the continental United States, Canada, Bermuda, the Bahamas, the Caribbean, Mexico, and Central America.

Reporting Bases
All PlaneSense® pilots have THEIR CHOICE of over 41 pilot reporting bases across the U.S., including our state-of-the-art headquarters in Portsmouth, NH. This means you won’t have to bid on routes, and you decide where you want to live. See the list of all reporting bases here.

• Current and valid FAA Commercial or ATP pilot license with single engine land ratings
• Total flight time/fixed wing minimum: 750 TT hours
• Highly qualified candidates will have 1000 TT, CFII and 75+ hours of instrument time
• Current and valid second class FAA medical
• Current passport with unrestricted international travel privileges
• Valid driver’s license
• Preferred but not required: Part 135 and/or Part 91 subpart K; Corporate flight; and/or flight time in advanced avionics systems or glass systems.

First Officers are on payroll and eligible for benefits Day One of initial training.

Career Path
PlaneSense, Inc. is proud to offer a favorable career path and hire from within. We have always upgraded to PC-12 Captain, Instructor Pilot, and Check Airman based on merit, not seniority. Once a pilot has the minimum number of flight hours required by FAA regulation to be a PIC (1500 hours), the upgrade will depend on several factors including: total PC-12 time, overall performance and professionalism, an upgrade test, and an evaluation training period. ATP and CTP course opportunities are provided as needed.
PC-12 crew members may transition into the Jet Flight Operations based on seniority. The large PlaneSense® jet fleet includes a growing number of Pilatus PC-24 jets.

In their words: Learn about pilot life at PlaneSense from the pilots themselves

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Pilot, Rapid City SD

Job Description

Fugro (USA) Land, Inc. is in search of a highly-skilled pilot to serve as the pilot in command for our geospatial mapping service line.


• Responsible for flying aerial mapping missions coordinating airspace with ATC.

• Position is located in Rapid City, SD; however relocation is not necessary.


• At a minimum, candidates must hold a Multi Engine Commercial Pilot Certificate , IFR Rating, passport and valid driver's license - however a Multi-Engine FAA ATP is preferred.

• The candidate should have professional aerial mapping experience as a pilot in command experience to safely conduct flight operations.

• Desired candidates will have a minimum of 500 hours' total flight time, 50 multi-engine hours. Preferred is 750 hours' total flight time, 100 multi-engine hours. Experience in C-441, C-310 and/or PA-31-350 is desired.

• All candidates must have a fundamental knowledge of computer operations, possess strong interpersonal and communication skills, and have the ability to travel internationally.

• Must be eligible to work in the US without sponsorship.

• Extensive travel, for long periods of time (30-45 days), often at times with little notice.

Our Contribution to You (Growth Opportunity)

At Fugro, we focus on helping our employees at every level of their career identify and use their strengths to contribute their best every day. From entry-level team members to senior leaders, we believe there is always room to grow knowledge and experiences. We support our employees by offering opportunities to sharpen their skills through on the job learning experiences to formal internal and external development programs.


At Fugro, we value people and offer a broad range of benefits which include, but are not limited to:

• A choice of Medical, Dental and Vision Plans.

• Basic Group Life and AD&D Insurance.

• Short-term and Long-term Disability.

• A broad range of voluntary benefits.

• An employer matched, 100% vested 401(k) Plan.

Contact : recruiting.usa@fugro.com

Filled Positions

Pilot, New York

Just Jump Skydiving is looking for a weekend pilot to finish the season in upstate NY. Airport is KOIC, Norwich NY.  We fly a Cessna 182. Requirements are 500TT and 25 hours in Type. We prefer previous jump pilot experience. 

Anyone that has "Jumpers Away" course may work with less hours. 

We are looking to finish out October, but we will fly through the Winter and will need a pilot for next season. We pay $25/load with a daily minimum.

Cessna 182 Pilot

Skydive Yosemite • Mariposa, CA

Position Details

Skydive Yosemite is looking for a full-time C182 pilot. We require a Commercial Certificate, High Performance and complex endorsement, 2nd Class Medical and 400TT. Cessna 182 experience preferred. Training provided for the right candidate. Skydive Yosemite flies year round, expect 1000 hours a year. Pay starts at $25 per load, with an extra $50 each day we fly.

Cessna 182 Pilot

Maui Skydiving • Hana, HI

Position Details

Maui Skydiving is looking for a replacement Cessna 182 pilot, starting November 23, 2022. We are looking for Total Time preferably over 500. Make and model time (preferably over 25 hrs) and jump piloting experience (preferably over 20 jump flights). You do not have to meet all three of these preferable requirements however these are the 3 types of experience we are looking for. If you are strong on one and not the others that’s fine, we may consider hiring you. But if you lack all 3, it will be hard to get you on the insurance to the point of it not being worth it.

Must be willing to relocate to Maui, Hawaii. We have housing and it's subsidized by the company. Housing is $1500 per month to you but the apartment real value is $2200 per month. You need to move with enough capital to find a car. Must be legal to work and relocate to Maui. Being mechanically inclined is preferred as you will be assisting the mechanics at times. Job pays 2-4k a month plus healthcare, dental care, optometry and workers comp. This is a W-2 job.

We start at 2k plus tips (tips are usually $400-$800 a month), and increase from there. A living wage in Maui is 3000 per month for a single adult according to the Department of Business, Economic Development and Tourism (https://files.hawaii.gov/dbedt/annuals/2021/2021-read-self-sufficiency.pdf) which you will make. You will get about 40 hrs PIC time a month, maybe more. 

Grand Caravan C208B Pilot

Skydive California - Tracy, CA

Position Details

Skydive California is looking for a full-time jump pilot for our Grand Caravan C208B Blackhawk Conversion. We operate Fri-Sun during our off season and Thu-Sun during peak season. Pay is $40 per load or $200 per day (whichever is higher).

Must have your Commercial Certificate, 2nd Class Medical, & 1000 TT. Start date is ASAP and looking for either full year commitment or through October 2023. $2500 bonus through October or $5000 bonus after 1 year in the position.

Full Time Pilot

Desert Sand Aircraft - Wisconsin

Position Details

Desert Sand Aircraft is looking for a full-time pilot who will act as the lead at a Wisconsin DZ. The DZ is very busy, flying 5 days per week. We strongly prefer someone with jump pilot experience, even better if they have SuperVan experience.

The ABSOLUTE MINIMUM TOTAL TIME IS 750 hours. Preference given to people with jump pilot time and turbine time.

Housing is provided and pay is competitive. This can turn into a year-round position or can remain a full season position (ends October 31).


Skydive Portugal

Position Details

Skydive Portugal is hiring pilots, effective immediately. We operate year round with 2x C208B PT6A-140 plus 1x C206 Turbo.
Requirements: CPL, Cessna SET (C208B rated), 1000hr TT, 500hr Para-dropping. We also value Cessna SEP (C206 rated) as we fly with our Stationair occasionally.


Skydive Philadelphia - Perkasie, PA

Position Details

Skydive Philadelphia is a busy 6 day a week full time turbine drop zone and is looking for a Pilot for our upcoming 2023 Season. Our primary aircraft is a Cessna Caravan. However we sometimes fly alternate aircraft. Individual’s must a minimum of 750 total hours and have commercial rating, previous turbine and or jump pilot experience is preferred but not required.

Must be legal to work in the United States no exceptions.

Full Time Pilot

Carson City, NV

Position Details

 Desert Sand Aircraft needs a full-time pilot who can commit to a full season (mid-November) flying for us in a Honeywell powered Supervan (C208B, 900HP). Housing provided if needed, competitive pay. PLENTY of hours to log.

You will be the head pilot at a busy seasonal dropzone. You will work with the dropzone to set schedule and plan for anything needed for the aircraft. Part time help will be available to assist in flying as needed.

Candidates MUST meet the following requirements.



Full Time Jump Pilot 

Skydive Guam

Position Details

Skydive Guam is looking for a Full time Jump Pilot.

Salary is $60,000/year.

Full medical and dental insurance.
4 weeks paid vacation/year.
Unmatched 401K.
Airfare provided and first month housing and car.

We are a year round tandem drop zone operating in Guam, a tropical US territory in the Pacific.
We currently operate a PAC 750 XL and Cessna 208 Super Van.

Minimum requirements are a Commercial certificate, 750TT, jump ops experience and legal right to work in the US.
Turbine experience a plus but willing to train the right candidate.
Weekend and holiday flying required.

Aerial Survey Pilots

Sol Aerial Surveys, Home-Based

Position Details

We’re Hiring Aerial Survey Pilots!

Are you looking for a one-of-a-kind job? Well, look no further. We fly Twin Cessna aircraft throughout the United States and Canada. We get the opportunity to map some of the best destinations North America has to offer.

Sol Aerial Surveys is a fast-growing aerial survey company that operates a fleet of eight of the nicest and most capable Cessna 310s on the market. We believe that pilots are the drivers of success in the aviation industry and we offer a unique work environment that rewards safety, hardwork, and integrity.

Aerial survey is a very demanding job that requires extensive travel and time away from home. Aerial survey can demand stretches of time with long hours, extended periods of waiting for the right opportunity to fly, and everything in between. The ideal candidate should be able to thrive in these dynamic environments.

We are looking for candidates to start in early 2023. 

Required Qualifications:

FAA Commercial Multi-Engine Certificate
FAA Instrument Rating (current and proficient)
High-Performance & Complex Endorsement
Valid First or Second Class Medical
Valid Driver’s License
Valid US Passport
No Accidents or Incidents
450 Total Hours
80 Multi-Engine Hours

Preferred Qualifications:

FAA A&P Certificate
Previous aerial survey experience
Twin Cessna experience
Certified Flight Instructor
Certified Instrument Flight Instructor
Certified Multi-Engine Flight Instructor


Pay above industry standard (W2)
6mo, 12mo, and 24mo pay scales
Holiday pay
Generous hotel allowance and per diem
Two week rotations
Company-paid travel expenses and rental car
Dedicated travel days
Company-paid instrument currency program
Health insurance options (medical, dental, and vision)
Monthly health and wellness credit (gym membership, national parks pass, etc.)
401(k) with company match
The opportunity to travel the country and work with some amazing people!

Pilot, Arizona

Win Aviation Arizona is currently accepting resumes for Skyvan PICs . Candidates need min 1000hrs total time, at least 250 multi and 100 turbine. Competitive guaranteed pay.

All work is Military Paradrop operations and all work is in the South Western States. Training will be provided in military ops and Skyvan familiarization. Successful candidates will need to relocate to the South Phoenix area.

US Citizens only.

Pilot, Pennsylvania

Sky's the Limit Skydiving Center (PA) is in immediate need of a pilot for their Super Caravan. With over twenty years in operation and the finest fleet of aircraft in the business, Sky's the Limit is one of the premier drop zones in the Northeast. 

Requirements are Commercial certificate, Instrument rating, 2nd Class Medical, and 900TT. Turbine experience preferred. 

Pilot, Houston, TX

Skydive Spaceland has an immediate pilot position to fly the SuperVan 900 full-time. This can be a long-term, or short-term (2 months) position. Flexible schedule, working with a senior pilot and part time help as well.   STRONG preference for someone already having jump pilot experience in the SuperVans. Jump pilots in high performance or turbine aircraft are also preferred. 


We can provide housing or RV hookup and contractor pay every 2 weeks, rain or shine. Pay is negotiable with experience. 

Pilot, Arizona

Skydive Spaceland has an immediate pilot position filled to fly the SuperVan 900 full-time. This can be a long-term, or short-term Skydive Buckeye (AZ) is looking for a pilot for their Caravan -42. Solid aircraft. 1000tt hard min, 50 type negotiable. Avg 30 loads a week starting $25/load plus tips, $30 after 6 months. No housing included but skydive rooms available close to dz ~$700/mo. Regular duties like preflighting fuel truck and aircraft, fueling, and helping keep the bird clean. 5 days a week, Tuesday Wednesday off. Summers typically flying 8 -12 and the rest 8-2ish. 

Pilot, California

Silicon Valley Skydiving (CA) is accepting resumes for a PAC 750 PIC position. Candidates need a minimum of 1000TT to get into the training program. Training requirements vary according to previous flight experience. All operations are carried out at the San Martin Airport (E16). Training will be provided in jump ops and PAC 750 operation training and familiarization. 

Pilot, Addison, TX 

Whether you are looking for a stable flying job or to gain flight experience for the next step in your flying career, we have opportunities matching either objective.

We are a stable 135 operator (30+ years) seeking qualified pilots to be based in Addison, TX (KADS). Schedule is 5 days on (M-F) and 2 days off (Sat-Sun).  Quick PIC upgrades available to multiengine aircraft at our Dallas, Addison base. Pilots averaging 300+ multiengine hours per year. 

Starting pay is $60,000/year salary.

Health, Vision and Dental benefits are available. Vacation (2 weeks) and Sick Leave (6 days) accrual.

Aircraft fleet include Bonanza, Cessna 210, Baron and Twin Cessna models equipped with Garmin 430W GPS's, and dual ILS.  

Applicants must be willing to relocate within 30-minute driving commute of Addison, TX. 

**Flight time meeting 135.243 (c) IFR Minimums is required: (1200 total time, 500 point-to-point cross country, 100 night, 75 instrument).

Other requirements: Commercial Single and Multiengine Pilot Certificate, Class 2 Medical & Eligible to work in the USA.

Pilot, Washington, D.C.

GTA Air is seeking a well-qualified pilot to fly cargo in Beechcraft Bonanzas & Barons. The pilot base is IAD (Washington, D.C.).

We are seeking a full-time pilot. Pilot will be trained & qualified in both aircraft types.

Pilot applicant must meet Part 135.243c IFR Minimums (1200 Total, 500 XC point-to-point, 100 Night and 75 Instrument).

Pilot needs to reside within 60-minute commute to IAD.

Other requirements: Commercial Single and Multiengine Pilot Certificate, Class 2 Medical & Eligible to work in the USA.   

If you prefer flying packages over people, this is a pretty good gig. The atmosphere is fun and relaxed but the flying is professional.

Year-1 Annual Salary $80,000 Year-2 Annual Salary $86,000 Medical, Dental and Vision benefits available. Vacation (2 weeks) and Sick Leave (6 days) accrual.

Pilot, Davis, CA

Skydance Skydiving (CA) is looking for a pilot for their Caravan.

Get into the most powerful Caravan in the country with the Texas Turbine 900 Supervan which can fly High-Altitude loads up to 30,000 feet in less than 30 minutes! Become a part of a tight-knit community of people, with a fun work environment. We perform typical skydive operations 5 days/week as well as military, drop testing, and other specialty jobs. Affordable housing options available, we offer competitive pay. 

Requirements: 750 Hours TT, Instrument, Commercial. Previous Jump pilot experience Ideal but not required.

We are hiring for a full time position and are ready to start training immediately. 

Pilot, Lexington, TX

Position Details

We are a small drop zone with a tight-knit staff, located about 1hr east of Austin in Lexington, TX. We're seeking an easy-going team player to join our DZ family and fly our Supercharged Cessna 206 and 182. Training specific to our operation will be provided. Special consideration for A&P’s!

Requirements are: Commercial Certificate, HP Endorsement, 2nd Class Medical, 500TT (preferred) and 25 hrs minimum 182 time, Legal to work in the US, Under 200 lbs, comfortable landing on a narrow grass/dirt strip, willing/able to live on DZ (28ft trailer, rent/bills-free!), must have own transportation, drama/drug free.

Our pilots typically accrue 700-800 hours per year. Pay starts $20 per load, raised to $25 after 50 hours, and we usually average 100-150 loads per month. Extra pay for help with routine aircraft maintenance, and rent/bills-FREE living on the DZ! 

Pilot, US/Canada

Optic Air (U.S.) is hiring commercially rated pilots for our fleet of Piper Aztec and Cessna 172 aircraft. We are an aerial survey company flying projects throughout the United States and Canada. Most of our hiring takes place in August with class dates beginning in October. We may have an immediate need for summer work. Get a jump start and be the first in line for the fall, apply now.

Please note – all pilot positions require long periods away from home with a minimum one-year commitment. 

Pilot, Montana

Skydive Whitefish (MT) is in need of a Full-Time pilot starting June 23 - September 10 for their Cessna 206. They require a Commercial Certificate, 2nd Class Medical, 500TT, C206 experience and legal right to work in the U.S. Jump Pilot experience preferred. They pay $30 per load with a $500 weekly minimum. Housing provided. 


Position Filled

Sky's the Limit Skydiving Center (PA.) is in immediate need of a pilot for their Super Caravan. With over twenty years in operation and the finest fleet of aircraft in the business, Sky's the Limit is one of the premier drop zones in the Northeast. 

Requirements are Commercial certificate, Instrument rating, 2nd Class Medical, and 900TT. Turbine experience preferred. 3/2/2022 Position Filled 

Cessna C208 Ferry Pilot (s) needed for monthly deliveries from ICT to India. Previous C208 Experience a plus. Previous International Experience a plus.

The Flights will occur one per month for six months. Approximate travel time will be approximately 8 days including business class airline back to the USA. Two pilots will accompany the aircraft on each delivery. In your cover letter, provide previous C208 experience, last training and required daily rate.

All logistics will be done for you. This includes all permits, handling, Visas, hotels and trip planning. You can apply as an individual or as a crew. Minimum qualifications for the SIC is Commercial, Instrument, ASEL. Valid Passport required.


Position Filled

MACS Air Cargo is looking for an experienced part 135 pilot to join our team in Guam and Saipan. We operate Cessna Caravans flying Cargo and Charters between Guam, Rota, Tinian


US FAA Commercial Certificate, instrument airplane

US FAA Medical certificate class II

2000 Hours total time min

experienced 135 ops

200 Hours Turbo Prop

Prefer experienced CFII

Prefer a 2 year commitment. Bonus paid at end of contract. Benefits include Medical and Dental insurance, Return Airfare, Vehicle and accommodation for first month, 4 weeks paid annual leave


Position Filled

MACS Air Cargo is looking for a pilot to join our team in Guam. We operate Cessna Caravans and PAC 750's. Mainly flying Cargo and Skydivers.


US FAA Commercial Certificate, instrument airplane

US FAA Medical certificate class II

1200 Hours total time

500 Hours Cross country

100 Hours night

200 Hours instrument

200 Hours Turbo Prop

Prefer experienced CFII

Prefer a 2 year commitment. Bonus paid at end of contract. Benefits include Medical and Dental insurance, Return Airfare, Vehicle and accommodation for first month, 4 weeks paid annual leave.


Alaska Seaplanes is looking for: Permanent IFR C208 Pilot.


Alaska Seaplanes is dedicated to providing the highest standard of safety and customer service in Southeast Alaska. Alaska Seaplanes Line Pilots' role is to operate flights safely and efficiently for all persons on board.

We offer top-of-market pay, plus seasonal bonus, health, dental, retirement with company match, flight benefits, and paid time off, and company-paid life insurance. Potential for cross-training in other equipment for the right candidates.

Minimum time required to apply 1,500 hours and FAR135.243(c).. Alaska time, with 100 hours of time in type preferred.

Alaska Seaplanes operates Pilatus PC-12, Cessna Caravan, Cessna 206 and Dehavilland Beavers. We are based in Juneau, Alaska serving 14 communities year-round. Our flights are on scheduled and on demand basis, single pilot both IFR and VFR. 

Cessna 182 & Cessna Caravan Pilot

JumpTN - Greeneville, TN

Position Details 

JumpTN in Greeneville, TN (GCY) is looking for a full time pilot to fly a Cessna 182 and a Cessna Caravan for our 2023 season March through January. Must have a commercial certificate, second class medical and 1000 hours TT.

Please email resume to info@jumptn.com 

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